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I teach Awakened Women  who have:
HAD IT with the physical and emotional pain…
Are ready to say ‘Yes’ to themselves Now
…to finally believe all the Affirmations they say but don’t feel.  
They are ready to experience a major shift to truly live in alignment with their mind, body and soul.  

Chantel Tauteoli doing Pilates on the Reformer

When you Move better, you Feel better!

Most people don’t realize how good they really can feel and I’m here to show you. I have been teaching for 16 years and am committed to helping others feel and look their best.

I am a Pilates teacher but I am also a “real” person. Since my first baby I have gained 100 lbs, 80 lbs, and 60 lbs. Staying in shape is genetically a challenge for me but I have walked the walk and learned many lessons along the way.

When you become part of the A Beautiful SurpriZe family, you will feel excited about the workouts and the changes that you will see in your body. Whether you’re practicing in-studio or at home, you will experience continuous progression of the workouts so that you never feel bored. On the contrary, you will be excited to come to class! After a few sessions, Pilates will become part of your daily life that makes you look and feel your best. 

Continuing education is at the core of what we do. For every hour that I teach, I spend more than that on continuing education and program design so that YOU get the best results.

I love how Pilates makes me feel, and you will, too. 

Owner, A Beautiful SurpriZe

What We Offer

Men and women working out during a Pilates Reformer class in a boutique Pilates studio in Herriman UT



Learn to move in a way that tones your body and prevents injury. You will strength-train both small and big muscles to shape the body while rehabbing any current injuries that you might have.

Rossiter coach leading a session on a young male athlete

The Rossiter System

The Rossiter System

Alleviate pain and gain mobility by creating the proper amount of space in the connective tissue. We guarantee you’ll leave better than you came in, or no charge.

EFT Tapping for manifestation with Chantel

EFT Tapping

EFT Tapping

Become the truly empowered creator of your life and change the patterns you have been doing that are keeping you from reaching your goals!

premier pilates studio in herriman ut

Learn Classical and Contemporary Pilates in a beautiful setting.

A Beautiful SurpriZe is a boutique Wellness Studio located in Herriman, Utah. We specialize in Pilates, The Rossiter System and EFT Tapping to help our students move and feel better than they ever believed possible. Our beautiful studio was designed to create an atmosphere where people love to be, and look forward to returning. We feature Balanced Body Allegro 2 Reformers, Towers, Arcs, Wunda Chairs, Ladder Barrel and Ped-O-Pull to sculpt and shape bodies and lives. Our newly launched virtual offerings allow you to take your practice with you, wherever you are. 

Through the integrated services offered by our wellness studio, you will see transformations take place in your body, such as:

  • increased energy, mobility and confidence
  • decreased pain, tension and inflammation

Our goal is to teach you to take the time to take care of yourself and know that you deserve a better, happier, and healthier you.

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Ultimate Set Up for Success:

See the change in your body and how you feel in just 3 months!

This package includes 30 private sessions to be used within 3 months of purchase date, it also includes 3 months of our Best Offer Unlimited Membership (choose 1 class in studio AND 1 class virtual daily to reserve).

This option was born out of 17 years of watching those make absolute transformations by combining Private Sessions and group classes. It is the ultimate to get started and create the best habit moving forward.

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