A Beautiful SurpriZe studio is free of judgement and full of encouragement so that you can feel safe and motivated to live a healthier lifestyle. Our beautiful studio was designed to create an atmosphere where people love to be, and look forward to returning. Our newly launched virtual offerings allow you to take your practice with you, wherever you are. 

Located in Herriman, UT, our boutique Pilates studio is equipped with Balanced Body Allegro II Reformers, Wunda Chair, Barre and other props that will allow you to experience variety in your workouts and see results that you can count on. Apart from our signature Pilates classes and personal training, we also offer Rossiter System sessions that can help you alleviate pain and gain mobility.

 “Change happens through movement, and movement heals.” — Joseph Pilates

Chantel Finau Tauteoli, Pilates Instructor, Studio Owner

Chantel Tauteoli Pilates Instructor

My passion is helping others look and feel their best! My first love is to teach. I teach how to move not only more efficiently but with a new found love for your physical body by connecting emotionally and mentally. I am so grateful to be able to offer a space for healing in my hometown of Herriman. I have been in business for 15 years, this is my 16th year of teaching Pilates. I have always been active as a dancer, cheerleader, and runner. However, it wasn’t until I discovered Pilates and The Rossiter System that I was able to truly shape my body and become injury free. In fact, The Rossiter System is the only thing (medication, therapies, etc) that has completely erased over 2 decades of migraines.

After years of cheerleading, lifting too heavy in the gym and several whiplash injuries, I suffered vertebral bulges and severe disc pain etc. I understand the body well. I offer modifications so any body in any state can do Pilates. I believe in intuitively teaching one how to move while having the knowledge to support it. I know what it takes to achieve goals, after each baby I gained and lost 100, 80 and 60lbs respectively. I began my Pilates journey as a personal trainer, I began putting all clients on Reformer (the apparatus invented by Jo Pilates) as I became certified by a 3rd generation descendant of Joe Pilates. I believe in the method. I have seen it change lives time and time again. My youngest client is 12 and my eldest is 101! From rehab patients to elite athletes…Pilates is for EVERYbody! By specializing in small group, attention to detail can be given to each client each session ensuring results and a super fun workout amongst other like minded individuals. I am committed to creating a space where you can become physically, mentally and emotionally sound.

When I am not teaching nor tending A Beautiful SurpriZe; I love to spend time with my husband, Sepeti and our 3 children; Darius, Grace & Leila. Being outdoors and soaking up the sun in any capacity is the best pastime for me.

Sepeti Tauteoli, the Rossiter System Coach

Sepeti Tauteoli Rossiter coach in Herriman

I was ready to schedule surgery for impingement syndrome because the pain was unbearable. It woke me up at night and kept me from doing daily activities. I couldn’t lift my arm more than 20 degrees away from my body and even that caused pain. My wife, Chantel, told me about The Rossiter System she had heard about and was interested in taking the level 1 course as continuing education for her Pilates certification. I decided to travel to Arizona with her and see if this stretching system could help me. Not only did only ONE stretch relieve 100% of my pain instantly but I could lift my arm over my head with no pain! I knew right then I had to learn more about The Rossiter System so I could help others just like me. I have completed the 4 levels of training and then advanced to a ‘Pain Slayer’ course taught by the creator Richard Rossiter. This system has completely changed my life as well as Chantel’s, for the first time in over 2 decades she is migraine free! It is my pleasure to help others find relief from pain and immobility by offering The Rossiter System at our Wellness Studio. Our lives really are one Beautiful SurpriZe after another.

Catherine Wiggins, Pilates & Yoga Instructor

Catherine Wiggins Pilates and Yoga Instructor

Sharing my love of Pilates and exercise has always been easy for me. Promoting myself and being “out there” on social media, not so much. So consider this an introduction and an intention that you can join me in class sometime!
I was the awkward adolescent and young adult who struggled with poor body image. I wasn’t a great dancer, even though my mother was a ballerina. I hated exercise. Even the thought of doing the mile run in PE class gave me panic attacks. I tried group fitness and fell in love so much I learned how to teach it. Since 2003, I’ve taught almost everything: power and restorative yoga, Zumba, kickboxing, sculpting, pump, step, mat pilates, barre, hi/low aerobics, Swiss ball training, Silver Sneakers… Every format helped me learn something new about the body and how to teach all fitness levels, abilities and personalities.

When I discovered Pilates on the reformer, it became a game changer. For the first time in ages I felt energized and less stiff in my body. I always got a different workout on the reformer. I felt a level of mindfulness from my practice which spilled over into other areas of my life.

This time, I was really in love!

My Pilates practice helps be become a better teacher, mom, and wife. I love how I feel energized every single time I a practice session. It helps me heal years of impact, jumping and pounding my body. My goal is to help others find similar joy in their own practice, even if it feels like hard work sometimes.
I believe everyone has a right to feel good in their body, even if they struggle with physical ailments. I believe Pilates is the pathway to this feeling. I also believe in finding a trusted teacher to work with in this journey.
I may teach the Pilates method, but I also hope you’ll learn from your “inner teacher” and develop a trust in your body’s ability to say what you need. Your consistent effort can result in amazing things for your body and spirit!
I love to offer up lots of challenge with heaping sides of gentle encouragement. You might even laugh a little along the way, because I’m really good at mom jokes (consider yourself warned). Hopefully you can enjoy the music as well (my favorite thing is finding and creating playlists for class!).
When I’m not teaching, I love to read all things non-fiction, play with my beloved Lab, spend time with my husband and 4 kids, shop online and bake.