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to the catalyst that will completely change your life;
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Watching this video will clear up who I am as a mentor, teacher, strategist, coach…and human

Results via Mindset & Energetics

Working with Chantel I discovered my ‘why’ & I became laser focused in less than 10 weeks!

“I owe everything to Chantel”


From insignificant and rejected to EMPOWERED and CONFIDENT in 1 session!

I credit Mastering the Brain Game for putting me on the path to becoming the COO of an 8 figure impact business!

After the first session I KNEW Chantel changed my life.  Thank you!

“I went from feeling intense sadness to being EXCITED about life in ONE session!”

Results via Pilates

“Not living in the same state as Chantel and STILL getting miraculous results!”

“Within months after my first session I started feeling better than I did decades ago!”

“Super added unexpected bonus: emotional health!”

“Pilates gives me everything I need to feel empowered!”

“From the surgeon’s office to feeling better than 2 decades ago!”

The endless pain that I was in is gone!

I was lucky enough to find A Beautiful SurpriZe at the end of 2019. I had a high risk twin birth in 2016 and afterwards, I was diagnosed with Diastasis Recti (severe separation of abs) and chronic hip pain. I couldn’t clean my house without days of pain after. Lifting anything, including my kids, would result in either throwing my back out or tweaking it just enough that I was miserable. 

I had completed six months of physical therapy, earlier in the year, which had its pros but if I missed a week, my pain returned instantly. 

I had heard on a FB page how wonderful Pilates was for hip pain. I didn’t know much about Pilates so I started to research it. A couple of months later, I had purchased a 3 session package from Chantel. 

After my first session, I knew I was going to be hooked. I finally found movement that was good for my body and also my mind. 

I instantly felt included with other persons in class and the instructors were beyond amazing. The A Beautiful Surprize studio just has a clean, inviting vibe about it. It’s the highlight of my day, when I attend an in studio session. 

Now, I’m stronger than I was in my 20’s and the endless pain that I was in, is gone. Pilates at A Beautiful Surprize is a great way for anybody of any size, ability or age to achieve any fitness, strength or goals they want for a better version of themselves. I will always be grateful to Chantel, her studio, her teachers and the patrons that love Pilates the way I do. I look forward to the years to come and loving this stronger version of myself. 

Stephanie Safford 

Chantel helped me to learn to value and appreciate my body after having a baby

Pilates has been such a gift – I was looking for a new workout routine after my second baby. I knew that I did not want to feel stuck in a body I didn’t appreciate and value anymore. After each session of Pilates, I was sore. More importantly, I always felt safe enough to trust the instruction and make an amazing mind/body connection. 

Chantel has trained me through (and after) 2 more pregnancies – she pays attention to me and my strengths, which has allowed me to do the same. Ultimately, I have surprised myself and learned to love and appreciate my body.

Ashley Gorchos

The back pain that kept coming back with a vengeance even after surgeries is gone!

Matt doing bridge on the Reformer

I was recommended to do Pilates as physical therapy by my surgeon after my second back surgery in four years. They felt that the use of springs to assist my movements would be the best way for me to strengthen my core to avoid a third surgery.

This is when I made a lucky choice to go to see Chantel. Within a few minutes of talking to her I could tell she understood the pain I was still in and how to approach my recovery. She explained how we would progress and what we were looking for as signs to advance. She set goals for me and knew when to push me and when I was probably pushing too hard.

After the first month of private classes she recommended for me to join the normally scheduled classes, which frankly scared me at first because I wasn’t sure I would receive the same level of teaching. I was completely wrong.

I have learned something new from each of them as I have progressed through different classes. 

All of their teaching, cheering on, and knowledge has brought me to the point where six and a half months after my second back surgery, I am not only pain free but stronger than I have been in 15-20 years without worry about a third back surgery.

I can honestly say that they have changed my life and all I can say is thank you to Chantel and her wonderful team.

Matt D.

Super fun and challenging classes
I think Chantel’s classes are both super challenging and fun. Chantel is so helpful and the small class sizes are great for individual attention. It’s great for cross training ski and bike season.


I improved my strength, balance and posture
One of the best things about working with Chantel is her ability to adapt to personal needs. Also the small, friendly nature of the class doesn’t make you feel different even if your program is adapted to your needs. The years I have spent training with Chantel have increased my strength, balance and posture.


Chantel always gives personal attention to individual needs during her classes
Chantel is an awesome Pilates instructor and trainer. Her group classes are small, which allows her to concentrate on each person and structure each lesson to their personal needs. Chantel is concerned for each client and checks in outside of class sessions to see how I am doing. She cares about all aspects of my life, healthy living, and environmental concerns and other topics of interest. Training with Chantel is like training with a friend. Plus, I have made new friends in her classes. I couldn’t ask for a better environment to train in.


You will not find a better Pilates instructor than Chantel!
Chantel is amazing! I have been in her Pilates class for two years and I highly recommend her. Chantel really knows what she is doing and her sessions are tailored to focus on every part of your body and then some! You won’t find a better instructor out there.


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