EFT Tapping for Manifestation

What is EFT Tapping?

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) aka “Tapping” is a form of energy psychology.

EFT tapping points

By tapping on the meridian points (acupuncture/pressure points) on the body, we soothe the nervous system to process difficult emotions.  The McDonald Manifestation Method, my specialty, expands beyond this traditional style that heals the past to bring us present to then move us in to true alignment with our bodies, minds and spirit.  The perfect trio to truly be the empowered creator of your life.  

I will guide you where to start and when to move, it’s a bit like Simon Says, I will say out loud a statement and pause…you will then repeat the same statement aloud (very important).  Take deep breaths when if feels appropriate.  We are literally speaking to your sub-conscious to wake it up and change the patterns you have been doing that are keeping you from reaching your goals! 

Subconscious Iceberg model

The key is to speak using the words you would to your sub-conscious.  The sub-conscious is the one in control and running the show, once you are aware of where your limiting beliefs are ie “Money doesn’t grow on trees” could plant the seed (pun intended) that it’s hard to make money and you will spend your life working unnecessarily hard to make money.  This was my story before discovering The McDonald Manifestation.  Like an onion peel, we strip down where you may not even realize is a limiting belief in order to tap in what you DO want to believe.

We, as humans, gravitate to these meridian points.  Notice when you touch on these spots throughout the day, notice when others do as well, it’s fun to witness.  I believe (and science has recently proved that nearly 90% of disease can be healed with our thoughts ie the placebo effect.) We innately have everything we need to heal ourselves, we can “tap in” to what our body is asking for if we just ask.  

How can I try EFT at a Beautiful Surprize with Chantel?

EFT tapping for manifestation sessions can be done in studio or online via Zoom.

Chantel Tauteoli is an advanced EFT Tapping student and a Reiki Master Student that mentors quantum ideas such as numerology, Universal Laws, meditations and visualizations. 

Private EFT Sessions are part of the Ultimate Set Up for Success Package

Private sessions are the best way to get started with EFT.

Chantel, a trained EFT practitioner, will guide you gently through the learning process while addressing your specific needs. During these first sessions you will choose specific issues to work on, establish goals, and clarify your priorities.