I decided not to title this blog “Face Your Fears” mainly because that is such a common phrase that we tend to not even pay a second thought to it (or at least I don’t). But, when I hear “Face Your Doubts” it makes me perk up a bit and want to pay attention.

We have doubts for a reason, mostly because somewhere along the road we decided it was too hard or too much or not going to pan out or etc etc. Now, to be clear I’m not talking about gut instinct or intuition. I am taking about doubts as in something you would want if it turned out to be true. Imagine if all you wanted turned out to be totally possible. Then you got to weigh what you really want. For example; I want a doughnut but I also don’t want the belly ache that comes after it. What do I want more? Honestly, sometimes the belly ache is worth it.

On a grander scale; I want a space where I have control over how I teach and treat clients coming in looking to learn/do Pilates. So, I had to decide that my cozy percentage split location had to dissolve and I needed to find such a space. [Side note: I didn’t dissolve my last location. I found an instructor to take over the place, equipment and continue teaching those that couldn’t travel 45 minutes to me at the new location. I want the best for all].

I had so many doubts throughout this process.

Where do we open?
How large of a space?
How do I find all new clients?
How do I cover the income I currently have and make a huge lease payment?
What if it doesn’t work out?
What if I totally fail?

Turns out what I needed most was to be ok with my doubts. I was willing to try and fail vs. not try and never know. I had my husband and really great people around me helping me along the way. And this is what I would like for you when it comes to trying Pilates. I know so many of you reading this right now and want to try it. I know you have tried so many other exercise programs and physical therapy and nutritional plans and starved yourself only to get extremely hungry. Hungry physically and metaphorically.

I know doubts are what causes a lot of people to sign up for a beginner class and then not show up to it. If you’ve read my bio then you know I have walked the walk. You know that I have the education, experience and dedication to get you the results. But, YOU get to decide that all the doubts are worth trying. Give YOUrself the gift of trying. Do the hard impact exercises, but do Pilates to help level the playing field so to speak. Or, if you’re like many that seek out Pilates- it’s already too late and you’re looking at starting because of multiple injuries that won’t allow you to continue to bind connective tissue ie pain.

Here is what I’m really thinking also; We are so quick to sign our kids up for lessons to better their softball/piano/soccer/dance. But, we hesitate to pay for a system that will better our physical and mental bodies so we can better care for them. Seriously, I understand because I’ve had the same thoughts. I’ll do anything for my kids, I’m willing to pay for them to try singing lessons and continue dance lessons where there is no special equipment and three (many times more than that) the number of people in a session. But, I feel guilty paying my trainer to teach me and guide me to ensure I’m doing the exercises not only in a manner that will be safe but to get the most effectiveness. It’s not selfish to self care, it’s actually being able to care more for others.

For every hour I teach Pilates at least 2 hours is done on the back end in education and accounting. “Pilates is expensive” isn’t a true statement. What you receive is well worth what we charge. I welcome you to experience our way of teaching you how to move.

Oh, and this whole blog started because I just did a 12 minute on air live radio interview. The week leading up to this interview I almost cancelled several times. I actually doubted that I would have the ability to answer when the call came at 9am on Wednesday morning. I had a huge fear of not knowing the correct answer to what I may be asked along with many other doubts/fears. But, I did it! I answered and the supposed to be 9 minute interview turned in to 12 minutes. I am so proud of myself for not only agreeing to do the interview but for answering and following through. Whether it’s Pilates or another doubt I encourage you to follow through.

With love,