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Become a Pilates Teacher

Become a comprehensively certified Pilates teacher through Pure Body Pilates Training. A Beautiful SurpriZe is happy to host the first of its kind comprehensive Pilates teacher training course taught by Anula Maiberg. Anula , founding faculty for Pure Body Teacher Training has spent countless hours getting ready to provide an above average movement experience and education to her students. You can expect to learn while connecting with your peers, to move and to expand your thinking about the body, mechanics and how to apply the Pilates system to any one you work with.

PBTT is a very comprehensive teacher training program. As such, our students and graduates are prepared for nearly any situation that might arise in a Pilates studio. It takes about one year to complete a course. That said, often our students have full-time jobs or other time constraints, in which case they are welcome to take longer to finish their program. Many of our students are working as apprentice teachers while completing their hours.

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Pure Body Teacher Training provides the tools to achieve a career in movement. Pilates brings science and art together. Learning anatomy and pathologies leads to learning progressions, modifications, and tensions to progress and keep your client safe.
The art of movement: creating diverse programs, strengthening and lengthening your body and soul. The movements that you learn while taking a class are broken down easily and explained. Everything you need to succeed as a Pilates instructor is included. Their incredible instructors connect with the material and students.
It feels as if the Pilates journey has led you home.

Sara, Pure Body Teacher Training Student

I recently moved to Utah but I’m originally from Ohio (Go Buckeyes!). My husband is active duty so we have lived in several states. I work full time as a cyber security engineer but before that I was in the Army for 6 years. In my free time you can find me adventuring somewhere outdoors. I started doing Pilates in hopes of managing my lower back pain and endocrine disorder with a low impact exercise. After a few months I was finally able to stand for more than 30 minutes without back pain and I learned how to breath properly to reduce times when feeling stressed. I was a cheerleader and gymnast for years and have always loved maintaining my flexibility and agility. My flexibility has definitely improved back to the level of when I was younger since regularly practicing Pilates. I enjoy helping people and I hope to help others feel better like Pilates has done for me.

Brooke, Pure Body Teacher Training Student