Whether the goal is losing inches, strengthening your core, increasing flexibility, improving posture, or increasing your overall fitness, our clients are living happier, healthier lives.

See what our clients are saying about A Beautiful SurpriZe…

“Chantel has transformed my life since I started Pilates 20 months ago! As I near age 60 I feel better and look better than I did at age 30! Pilates is a total body workout! Yes, it’s hard; yes, it’s challenging, but it is worth it! And so are you!”

Nancy, Homemaker

“I LOVE Pilates with Chantel! She is a delightful, professional young woman with amazing knowledge of Pilates and other training techniques. She brings a variety of new routines and challenging moves to each class. In addition to her training knowledge she is committed to studying and sharing tips about nutrition, environment and all aspects of healthy living. She’s a great positive example! Her group Pilates Reformer classes are each like a private session because Chantel gives her full attention to the individual needs of each person. The atmosphere is relaxed and fun for newcomers as well as those who’ve been faithful clients of hers for many years.”

Marilyn, Artist

“After nearly ten years the workouts are still fresh and fun!”

Joann, Sales Manager

“I think Chantel’s classes are both super challenging and fun. Chantel is so helpful and the small class sizes are great for individual attention. It’s great for cross training ski and bike season.”

Edna, Academic Coach

“Chantel is great and a fun teacher. She works with you whatever level you are and makes it lots of fun.”

Sudha, Anesthesiologist

“Pilates has been the best weight training I have ever experienced. You’re the best Chantel!!!”

Linda, Nurse

“I am limited on a number of muscle groups as a result of surgeries. One of the best things about working with Chantel is her ability to adapt to personal needs. Also the small, friendly nature of the class doesn’t make you feel different even if your program is adapted to your needs. The years I have spent training with Chantel have increased my strength, balance and posture.”

Terry, College Professor

“Chantel is an awesome Pilates instructor and trainer. Her group classes are small, which allows her to concentrate on each person and structure each lesson to their personal needs. Chantel is concerned for each client and checks in outside of class sessions to see how I am doing. She cares about all aspects of my life, healthy living, and environmental concerns and other topics of interest. Training with Chantel is like training with a friend. Plus, I have made new friends in her classes. I couldn’t ask for a better environment to train in.”

Camille, Technical Analyst

“Chantel is amazing! I have been in her Pilates class for two years and I highly recommend her. Chantel really knows what she is doing and her sessions are tailored to focus on every part of your body and then some! You won’t find a better instructor out there.”

Johanna, Healthcare Management

“As I have gotten older my range of motion and strength in limbs and joints have decreased. Since I have been doing Pilates Reformer with Chantel both have increased dramatically. She is very knowledgeable in directing what you should and shouldn’t work. She is also fun to work with. My workouts with her are a priority in my life.”

Jan, CEO of Life!

“Chantel rocks! She genuinely cares about her clients and always offers suggestions to help each person with their personal goals. And she never loses her composure when we whine! Chantel’s classes are fun, provide a great workout, and always make me feel better. Thanks Chantel…as I said, you rock!”

Sally, NFP Board member

“Pilates taught by Chantel is FANTASTIC! Chantel is knowledgeable, caring, kind and fun-it almost doesn’t feel like an exercise class!. I really enjoyed the sessions and I would highly recommend Chantel’s Pilates Classes.”

Lela, Park City Ghost tour co-founder and owner

“This is the greatest place in the world! Chantel truly understands not only Pilates, but the human body and people. She can adjust her routines to meet the needs of every client. This place changes lives! It certainly has changed mine.”

Margo, Retired; education

This was my first experience with the Pilates reformer & I loved it! Chantel is wonderful & with so many classes it is easy to work it into your schedule. I noticed my body getting leaner almost immediately!

Shariana, Model
Health Club management software
Health Club management software

Whether the goal is losing inches, strengthening your core, increasing flexibility, improving posture, or increasing your overall fitness, our clients are living happier, healthier lives.

See what our clients are saying about A Beautiful SurpriZe…

5 Private Sessions to Get Started: Pilates/Rossiter/Tapping $299 ($500-$700 value)

After five sessions with one of A Beautiful SurpriZe's instructors, you'll begin to connect with muscles you didn't know were there. This package allows you to try 5 Private sessions that can include a single service or a combination of Pilates, Rossiter 1:1 Connective Tissue Therapy Sessions, and EFT Tapping Sessions.

Begin to experience how impactful Pilates can be for toning your body and strengthening your core.